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About Lakamo

Woman-owned. Locally operated. And we know Central Ohio.

We specialize in creative projects of all shapes and sizes. The truth is, if we can't do it, nobody can.

We are a locally owned and operated Woman Owned business. Lakamo is a boutique recruiting company which specializes in the metropolitan Columbus, OH market. We are small by choice, we believe this allows us to provide you with very personal service. Because we live, and work and shop here we know the area and the people. We believe your research hinges on a successful recruit and will take any means necessary to find fresh, articulate, interesting individuals to participate in your research. We are unique because we do not take a call center approach.
Every recruiter is well paid to THINK about who we are recruiting and to take ownership of their project. We will be part of your team for the duration of the recruiting process. We give you personal attention and if you so desire, we will give you feedback on trends we reveal during the course of recruiting. We provide surprising benefits that others do not think or care about, such as replacing participants who must cancel their session at no cost to you! We are comprehensively excellent at what we do and because of this we have several key industry partnerships in the area.


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You do the research. We make it easy.


Lakamo does not outsource recruiting, we don't need to. Our database is so robust and the quality of participants so high the big companies come to us when they can't get the job done. You can find someone to do recruiting for less cost, but you can't find someone to do it with higher quality. If you need quality respondents, you need Lakamo.

To find the right people, you need the right people... Lakamo has perfected the art and science of locating the right participants for any research study, and we would love to discuss your needs. If you can imagine it, we can recruit it.

Focus Groups

Face-to-face discussions with respondents who have the information you need.

Usability Studies

Learn how consumers see and process information online, in print, and on television.

Ethnographic Studies

In-depth interviews, in context.


Onsite observation and interviews to better understand how your customer makes purchase decisions — and why

Telephone Interviews

Dig deeper into respondents' answers, without the distraction of other respondents.

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Our clients'


  • Many thanks for your adaptability and teamwork, as usual!

    — Client, 2016

  • I trust you, you are the experts and I'm so glad to have you on my side!

    — Client, 2016

  • I don't know anyone who understands recruiting like Lakamo does.

    — Client

  • We had great results, was extremely productive and the mix of recruits was great. Lots of good learnings. Was also very happy about your pro-activeness and communication during the entire process.

    — Client

  • Lakamo Recruiting aka Laurie Mohler - Laurie and her team are gifted recruiters. Working with them was a pleasure. Laurie is very collaborative in her approach to recruiting. On the front end of the project, she works with you to be sure she has a clear understanding of your target market for the research.

    — Client

  • With your support and personal attention, this project has been a HUGE success and it's built entirely on the user feedback from participants you sent my way.

    — Client

  • We are very happy with the results of your efforts! The response time is great and the participants are a great fit for our criteria.

    — Client

  • You do your recruiting very differently than others I have worked with and it works out so much better. Other are simply interested in filling up the schedule and not caring about the quality of respondants. In fact, it is 'call center' approach and I just didn't get quality folks. With your very hands on and caring approach, I have not worried once. And especially after you and I talked about our project it went really well... A big thank you!

    — Client

  • Laurie did such a thorough job for me at a time when I couldn't think about the recruiting because I was already in the field. She was prompt with information and friendly to deal with. The ethnographic interviews she set up for me were stellar people!

    — Client

  • Bottom line, the project was a success thanks in large part to your recruiting team. Thank you SO much!

    — Client

  • Laurie... Your firm did a fantastic job. We appreciate the work you did to get us such fine participants.

    — Client

  • The attention to detail exhibited by Matt and customer service has been fabulous. I have been joking with my team that it's a gift from God after the two projects I just came off of.

    — Client

  • You have done a terrific job finding these participants in such a short time!

    — Client

  • I really appreciate all of your hard work on this challenging recruit!!

    — Client

  • Laurie and everyone - these [participants] look just great! I'm delighted with the work you've done!

    — Client

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Laurie Mohler

Founder and President
Passionate about People

Matt Wallace

Operations Director
Passionate about Quality Control

Nathan Mohler

Project Manager
Passionate about Details

Kari Santry

Project Manager
Passionate about Service

Jen Welday

Project Manager
Passionate about Details

Peter Barney

IT Manager
Passionate about Data